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Los Angeles
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PDT(GMT - 7)

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Professional musician/composer, who plays 7 instruments and performs with world-class professionals, seeks to share his passion for music with learners of all levels, ages and styles.
Qualifications:Instruments & Abilities: Piano - age 4 Drums & Percussion - age 7 Guitar & Bass - age 11 Voice, Cello, & Viola - age 13 Production & Engineering - age 17 Specialties: • self-taught, industry-taught, and traditionally taught • teaching facilities at my home studio or your location • tone, practice styles, knowledge of gear needed, setting up guitar & amp combos • crafting stage presence, marketing/presenting oneself as an artist (working with clubs, bookers, media and other artists), managing life on the road, etc.
Sub Category/Category Price($)
Music/Guitar 20.00
Music/Piano 20.00
Music/Percussion 20.00
Music/Other 20.00
Computers/Mac 20.00

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